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The United States Department of Education (USDOE) has endorsed Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) as a critical component of an effective Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. The responsibility for CTE instructional programs and related activities, including CTSOs, rests with state and local education agencies. Find out what is needed to sponsor a CTSO on your campus.


The term ‘career and technical student organization’ means an organization for students enrolled in a career and technical education program that engages in career and technical education activities as an integral part of the instructional program.

State charters for Texas CTSOs are held by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), which has the responsibility for leadership and fiscal oversight of each organization, as well as integration of CTSO activities into a state-approved CTE program of study. TEA sponsors the following CTSOs:

  1. Future Farmers of America
  2. Future Business Leaders of America
  3. Skills USA Texas
  4. Texas Association of Future Educators
  5. Texas Business Professionals Association
  6. Texas DECA
  7. Texas Family Career and Community Leaders Association
  8. Texas Health Occupations Student Association
  9. Texas Technology Student Association
  10. Texas Technology and Engineering Educators

For a quick overview of the policies and procedures teachers need to be aware of with regard to CTE student organizations, view the CTSO Advisor Checklist.

Eligibility for Sponsorship Payment

  1. CTSO sponsor shall have a policy providing membership opportunities to students currently enrolled in a state-approved CTE program of study.
  2. CTSO sponsor shall inform campus and central office administrators of the desire for their students to pursue leadership roles in the organization.
  3. CTSO sponsor shall serve as the representative to provide oversight for the Membership roster and dues must be received or processed by the state and/or national organization. Each CTSO shall adopt and implement Bylaws and Policies for the efficient operation and fiscal management of the CTSO.
  4. CTSO sponsor shall be involved in the day-to-day operations (membership dues, finances, conference registration) of a CTSO as co-curricular activities that are extensions of the career and technical education courses.
  5. CTSO teacher/sponsor shall:
    1. provide administrative leadership and oversight at state and national meetings and conferences in collaboration with the CTSO Board of Directors;
    2. support the career and technical student organizations, especially with respect to efforts to increase the participation of students who are members of special populations;
    3. be responsible for ensuring financial accountability and implement checks and balances in order to accomplish the organization’s purposes at the campus level;
    4. have available for review by campus administrators or CTE central office personnel, the quarterly financial reports of all cash disbursements and payments.

Sponsorship Payment Requirements

The following five (5) requirements must be completed and documented in the CTSO Portfolio in order to be eligible to receive extra duty pay:

  1. Campus Commitment – The Commitment to Sponsor a CTSO form must be approved by your principal and submitted to the CTE department by Friday, September 30, 2016.  – – – –  Access CTSO Commitment Form
Access CSTO Portfolio Cover Page
  1. Membership Roster – An initial Membership roster must be submitted to CTSO National office and a copy of this submission must be included in the CTSO Fall Portfolio due on Friday, December 2, 2016. An updated member list, including demographics, must be submitted with the CTSO Spring Portfolio due on Monday, May 1, 2017.
  2. Meetings – Chapters must meet at least once a month, outside of school hours. Each meeting must be documented with a sign-in sheet and minutes should be taken by the elected club secretary.
  3. Leadership ConferenceSponsor and students are required to participate in at least one leadership conference.
  4. Community Service – The chapter members must complete at least one community service activity each semester.
  5. Fundraising – This is optional, however it can be very helpful in funding leadership conferences, travel, and other activities.

Extra Duty Pay Reimbursement Information

The chapter adviser must have a minimum of five (5) student members in order to receive extra duty pay not to exceed $1,250 per year (based on the extra duty pay rate of $25/hour).

If there are more than 30 members in a chapter, an assistant adviser may receive extra duty pay, not to exceed $625 per year.

A second Lead Sponsor (same CTSO and same campus) can receive payment only if each chapter has at least 25 student members. Secondary chapters may not have an assistant adviser unless 30 or more students are enrolled in the chapter.

Access Extra Duty Pay Reimbursement Form

Please complete the Extra Duty Pay Reimbursement form and submit all required information/documentation on the CTSO Portfolio by the appropriate semester due date. Your request(s) for reimbursement must be submitted by Friday, December 2, 2016 (fall) for January payment and Monday, May 1, 2017 (spring) for May payment.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – A reimbursement form AND portfolio must be submitted in the fall semester if you are sponsoring a CTSO for the entire school year. CTSO extra duty pay will be split into two separate payments; fall and spring. We allocate funds for pay based on the fall reimbursement submissions. Thus, the budget will not have sufficient funds to cover your spring or full year reimbursement if we do not receive your reimbursement form by the fall due date. Please contact Angie Gillikin if you have any questions regarding CTSOs.



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