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During the 84th Legislative Session, House Bill 18 was passed which mandates middle school career exploration curriculum to engage students in the world of work beyond high school, educate students on graduation endorsement options, and expose students to emerging workplace and postsecondary education opportunities. Houston ISD offers three high school credit CTE hybrid career exploration courses at the middle school level.


Hybrid Courses

Professional Communications with Career Exploration

This is an activity based career development course in which students will develop an understanding of professional communications through exploration of the career clusters. Students will explore a variety of career options and activities including formal and informal presentations, resume writing, and job interviewing. Students will exhibit public relations skills, leadership characteristics, knowledge of the global economy, and information technology applications.

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Principles of Information Technology with Career Exploration

In this course, students will gain knowledge and skills in the application, design, production, implementation, maintenance, evaluation and assessment of products, services, and systems that apply to the field of information technology. IT concepts and standards are essential to prepare students for success in a technology-driven society. In addition, students will explore a variety of career options and interests.

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Concepts of Engineering and Technology with Career Exploration

Students will use a variety of computer hardware and software applications used in engineering fields. Students will use multiple applications to produce and present working drawings, model renderings, prototypes, and designs. Students will engage in career exploration projects and investigations.

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Teacher Certification and Contact Hour Requirements for High School Courses taught on the Middle School Campus:

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