Marketing, Sales & Services

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HISD Four-Year Course Sequences


If so, you could enjoy a successful and stimulating career in marketing. Businesses of all types and sizes, including not-for-profit organizations, use marketing in their local, regional, national and global operations to direct the flow of products to attract potential customers. The Market- ing program of study focuses on how the marketing process determines and satisfies the needs and wants of people. Fashion Marketing, Retail Management, and Marketing are programs available at select HISD campuses.

High Schools Offering Marketing, Sales & Services pathways

Fastest Growing Career Opportunities

•  Sales Agents and Managers
•  Merchandiser
•  Retail salespeople

Certifications and Licensure’s 

• A*S*K- Marketing Fundamentals
•A*S*K- Entrepreneurship
•National Retail Federation (NRF) Customer Service and Sales

High Paying Careers

•  Marketing Director $120,000
•  Advertising Director $90,000
•  Sales Manager $110,000



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