Manufacturing industries create new products from raw materials or other components.


HISD Four-Year Course Sequences

These jobs may be in a factory, plant or mill- anywhere new products are created. Twelve million Americans have careers in manufacturing! The Manufacturing program of study focuses on planning, and managing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products. Machining, Welding, Engineering, and Precision Metal Manufacturing are all programs available on select HISD campuses.

High Schools Offering Manufacturing pathways

Fastest Growing Career Opportunities

  • Welder
  • Machinist
  • Technician

Certifications and Licensures

  • Autodesk Certified User
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)
  • NCCER- Welding
  • AWS Certification

High Paying Careers

  • Manufacturing Engineer $120,000
  • Underwater Welder $90,000
  • Machinery Mechanic $50,000



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