Money makes the world go round!

Businesses need employees who can lead team projects, crunch numbers to keep costs down, and examine financial records.


HISD Four-Year Course Sequences

The Finance program of study encompasses services for financial and investment planning, banking, insurance and business financial management. Do you want to master financial, organizational, and communication skills? Accounting, Financial Planning, and Banking and Securities are all programs available at select HISD campuses.

High Schools Offering Finance pathways

Fastest Growing Career Opportunities

  • Accountants and Financial Analysts
  • Loan Clerks and Bank Officers
  • Financial Advisors

Certifications and Licensures

  • QuickBooks Certified User
  • A*S*K Finance

High Paying Careers

  • Controller $110,000
  • Actuary $80,000
  • Auditor $60,000



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