Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Do you enjoy gardening?

Do you like working with your hands or being outdoors?
Do you care for animals?


HISD Four-Year Course Sequences

Plants, farms and animals are the main focus of agriculture, but the opportunities are huge!

The Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources program of study is committed to preparing students for careers and life skills through education and training in agricultural commodities and natural resources. Agribusiness, Veterinary Sciences, and Agricultural Mechanics are available programs on campuses and can get you out of the classroom and enjoying the outdoors.

High Schools Offering Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources pathways

Fastest Growing Career Opportunities

  • Veterinary Technicians
  • Agricultural Inspectors
  • Forest and Conservation Workers

Certifications and Licensures

  • Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA Level 1)
  • Texas Floral Design- Level 1 Certification

High Paying Careers

Veterinarian $80,000
Agricultural Engineer $70,000
Agricultural and Food Scientist $60,000



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