Career Ready Wagon

Check out the Career Ready Wagon, a traveling career exploration show; visiting elementary schools to bring an entertaining, interactive, and informative career experience to students in pre-kindergarten through 6th grade.

Activity stations and hands-on exhibits are set up in and around the bus for students to personally explore how different interests and skills can link to a future career.

Career exploration activities, encouraging continued exploration of lessons and activities presented on the bus, are available for students to take with them.

Career focused interactive performances and presentations featuring music, costumes, and theater are available.

Customizable career curriculum, based on the needs of the school, is available. The Career Cowboy offers a basic, standard career curriculum, however collaboration with the school regarding both content and format is encouraged.

Pre and post-visit online resources are available to encourage continued exploration of lessons and activities presented on the bus.




Check out the career related TEKS objectives to use in your lesson plans.



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