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Kroger’s Student to Leader Program Launch at Austin High School

Two students from Austin High School have been selected to be a newly formed program with business partner Kroger.  The Student to Leaders program created by Kroger, specifically for students enrolled in Austin High School’s Human Resources and Retail Marketing program.

The purpose of the program is to develop future leaders from Stephen F. Austin High School through real world experiences and one to one mentoring opportunities.  Additionally, this program will provide opportunities for students to develop a Human Resources/ Retail Management career path. These students will be on a “fast track” to management by completing all five phases of the outlined program.  Five phases include:

  • Student interns are hired as a Courtesy Clerk
  • Interns are promoted to Cashier
  • Lateral move to an inner store department
  • Promoted to a key position or additional responsibility
  • Future leadership opportunity within Kroger after high school

kroger interns

Partnership Awards

The 2014-2015 Outstanding Partnership award was presented to Vaughn Construction, which is a company that has been dedicated to our students’ success from the beginning. They have been willing and eager to partner in just about every capacity possible.  This past school year they provided class speakers to educate students on their industry, not just their company. Vaughn has set up  a hands-on Scaffold Building training module on the high school campus for the class in response to a teachers need to teach the particular craft skill. Vaughn Construction has hosted teacher externships during the past two summers. Lastly, this past summer they offered paid internships to several of our high school students who are in a construction pathway.

Jose Palacios with MEMCO was awarded the Partnership Champion award for 2014-2015.  Jose has gone above and beyond to pull resources and make industry connections for many of the HISD Career Readiness high school programs. He has opened doors to partner/school sponsorships. He works closely with several schools and he has even lead many students to full time employment post-graduation.

Partnership Award2015
Lenny Enderle accepting Partnership award for Vaughn Construction
Partner Champion2015
Jose Palacios, 2015 Partnership Champion



Vaughn Construction Offers Internships

Vaughn Construction offered paid internships to several high school seniors during the summer of 2015. Jenifer Lopez from Barbara Jordan High School was one of the recipients of an internship with Vaughn Construction. While on the job site at the University of Houston, Downtown Campus Jennifer was exposed to various job functions in the construction industry including assisting the Safety Inspector with job site inspections, she coordinated job site traffic, as well as housekeeping responsibilities. Jennifer is currently a senior and after she graduates she plans to become a Safety Inspector.


Vaughn Intern


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